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Nobody cares who makes it; they remember you only if you can make an impression. To us, making an impression means being creative without being interruptive. We are continually brainstorming ideas to create smart, effective and targeted marketing communications. We like to say that we weave emotional touch points between the product and the consumer. Our creative savvy ranges from developing inspiring films to catchy print ads and engaging digital campaigns; name it and we got you. But we suck at settling for anything less than perfect.

Character & Caricature

Remember that guy in the class who had a notebook filled with caricatures? He is probably one of the artists at Atomic Labs. What makes caricatures so impressive and re-callable is that they accentuate the character, which is the basis of any creative work that we do. Developing a character, not always Homo sapiens, is a great way to furnish a voice and identity to your story, product or service. As obsessive storytellers, we are regularly on a quest to develop unique characters based on the mission and vision of our clients.


We are crazy about comics and though we do not like to brag, it happens to be one of our fortes. We have already established ourselves as the go-to-guys (and girls) when it comes to developing and producing both digital and print comics in eastern India. Graphic novels give us the kick we usually get out of films and animations due to the similar visual treat.


While information has become easily accessible, the way you present and curate information is of huge importance when you wish your learning material to be easily understood and remembered by learners. We have developed several e-learning materials and we have some very progressive ideas on areas where we can improve it.


Films are a great way of communicating to an uninterested consumer. It is not only effective but also engrossing and it is easier to touch upon on most of the emotional touch points through a film more than any other medium. While it makes the work of the marketer easy, good quality and effective films are usually not easy to make and that’s why we love to make them. On many occasions we have boosted the spirit and business of our clients by making films or animations which required us to mix various techniques for one finished product. This alchemy is something we are constantly improving upon in our studio.


Merchandising is a huge industry and we are excited to play our part in it. We strive to be as quirky as possible with the merchandises we create. From banal t-shirts to boutique bookmarks, our flair for designing has proved to be the most valuable tools in creating merchandises for both small and big brands.

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We are often preferred by clients who are not just looking for a beautiful artwork to spend their money on, but are also mindful about its effectiveness.

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To us, a creative that only looks good and doesn’t speak well is not a creative at all. We are a bunch of storytellers who obsess over the ways we can bring a story to life. And everything that lives should have a purpose. That is the first and foremost idea that we breathe in our studio.

From brainstorming over morning coffee to chasing deadlines well after office hours, we are constantly trying to get better at our craft of creating effective communication by means of print, digital and other mediums to reach out to the maximum number of consumers.

Yes, if you heard that we suck at pleasing our clients with stale, blotchy and generic artworks, you probably heard it right!

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