RJ Den 91.9 Friends FM TVC

91.9 Friends FM- the radio arm of ABP Group contacted us to make a TVC for their popular talk show RJ Den.
The brief was to make animated commercial for the popular show. The show has struck a sublime chord with its audience. RJ Den- a differently abled mountaineer shared the stories of his adventure and the overcoming his physical challenges. The challenge for us was to communicate the essence of the show. The common perception was to be kept intact. We developed the look and feel accordingly to tell the story which will communicate the soul of the inspirational subject- something which is very close to the viewers.
After the TVC ran, the audience base increased many fold. Many people in the city got to know about the show and found their inspiration from the same. The program went on to become the RAM topper in radio and held the position for a while.


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Music
  • Scenario Designing

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